artist statement  [1]

artist statement


photograph by Bob Gruen

In 1979 I saw the Clash perform at the Palladium in New York City

After that concert I came upon this verse by T.S. Eliot:

“Music heard so deeply /That it is not heard at all/But you are the music/While the music lasts”

Live music was my first window into what it felt like to be so completely immersed in something as to transcend time and space.  Photography has this same effect on me, allowing me to transcend the small self each and every time that I am struck with the wonder of something sacred or beautiful or interesting that is before me.  Most of my photographs are taken in the midst of my everyday activities, and in this way I have come to more fully appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.  The gift of this practice is that each time that I notice this beauty….this wonder…and become immersed in photographing it,  I am transported right back to that transcendent place that T.S. Eliot described so eloquently.  Beauty felt so deeply, that you are the beauty….while the moment lasts…